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A Reflection

As I write this reflection of David, I am struck by the thought of how surreal it is to do so for a contemporary of mine, and more so, the fact that I write it for David… the reality of which will continue to take some time to truly sink in for many of us.

When I think of David, I remember his character, his friendship and his smile. David was a person whose smile always exuded his warmth. We didn’t see each other often but when we did, David always gave me his big smile … a smile that would pull me in. We would engage in a discussion about family, work, sports and life in general.

I have known David for nearly twenty years, initially through softball, and it is with softball that I have one of my fondest memories of him. David was an excellent player... a true competitor. I remember a double header some time ago. In the first game, David was playing left field and I was at bat. I had been hitting the ball particularly well of late. With most teams, the left fielder would move back to prevent the “big” hit. Not David… He played his normal depth, which I looked at with great eagerness. The pitch came … and yes… I crushed it to left field… As I ran to first, I saw David turn and start running as the ball was hit well over his head… As I ran around the bases feeling very confident in my hit and losing track of David, I heard his team roar with amazement as David had apparently made an amazing catch to end the inning. I stood on third in disbelief and watched David running in from left field only to flash that smile at me.

In the second game of the double header, the same situation developed. Once again, David didn’t play any deeper and once again I hit the ball seemingly over his head… this time as I ran I watched David and once again to my dismay … he turned, he ran and yes ….he caught up to my hit and made the play again.

After the game, it is traditional for the two teams to shake hands. As I approached David, he smiled at me and said “nice hits”… which I replied..” thx … better catches… anybody but you and I have two homeruns today”… he smiled again… we shook hands with a quick hug as we always did… both looking forward to the next game against each other.

I end this reflection knowing that David was a person who left a lasting impression with those who knew him… he left one with me and I am forever grateful to him. As I think of him … I do so, of course, with a smile.